Community Plus – Monthly Payments

$25.00 on the 1st of each month

Align your spiritual and physical health 365 days a year with a 1-year Community Plus Membership to the As for Me and My Body Community.


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Community Plus Membership

  • Engage with the private AFMAMB Community from your desktop, iOS, or Android devices
  • Discuss and learn from our weekly Coaches’ discussion
  • Connect with other members, be inspired by the community, motivational messages, and more
  • Customize your profile and share wellness tips, achievements, and experiences on your profile
  • Submit your prayer requests and praise reports to the AFMAMB team and community
  • Rejuvenate and press forward with your goals from our daily motivational push notification
  • Stay on track, build on your momentum, and gain confidence with Candice’s weekly motivational message
  • Personalize the App with your preferred settings
  • Receive notifications about news in the Community
  • Set Goals –Set SMART health, fitness, spiritual, and mental goals
  • Track Progress – Track and monitor your progress
  • Monthly Challenge – Continuously edge towards your goals by participating in AFMAMB monthly challenges
  • Weekly Workout – Transform Your Body with AFMAMB’s Weekly Workout